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we create engaging and dynamic videos to make you stand out

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We focus on helping businesses develop and grow. By learning about your values, beliefs and aspirations within your brand, we aim to work together to help brainstorm and create a video that reflects your core values and leaves a strong impression with potential clients.


Be it a large party extravaganza, or a subdued meet and greet, we are always on hand with the latest gear to capture your event and to showcase the excitement of the environment and guests to really make your night (or day!) stand out.


Wanting a soulful smoke filled ballad? A pyrotechnic fuelled metal solo? A bright and bouncy peppy number? We do it all here, and we are always up for bold and creative ideas for your latest songs, ensuring we help to fit your ideas to any budget.

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Our bread and butter, you could even say our specialty. Whether you are launching a new venue, or you want to showcase a brand new product or feature, let us help you increase your social media presence. We will create a series of promotional videos to bring your content front and centre.


Filming plays, passion projects and showreels is how we started, and we have a lot of experience filming in these environments. We can help script and develop scenes, and ultimately nurture an idea from concept to camera.

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If you are looking for an extra hand on a shoot, or if you have a video that needs editing then we are also available to hire out with or without our equipment. We are well skilled in many areas, including filming, VFX make-up, script-writing, editing and colour correction.


So. Our main question we get is "Why did we choose to call ourselves Blue Caribou?" 

Simple. Have you ever seen a blue caribou? A blue caribou would stand out from the crowd, and packs a punch, the rhyme stays in your mind as something that you are left remembering. And that's the same approach we take to creating videos. 

In a world where online video content is now the most powerful tool of Marketing, the most difficult challenge is to make your brand stand out. It has never been easier to throw a film onto Youtube or social media to explain in a 1 minute clip what would take 3 pages to say. It's simple to film some footage that simply says who you are or what you do, but why settle for blending in with thousands of other videos on the internet? Why not add a bit of wow factor? 

Blue Caribou Productions is a collaboration between Abbie Kirwan and Joanne Parker, who are filmmakers and producers. Based in Manchester,  we aim to provide hard hitting, high quality videos to businesses and customers. We want to make sure that your needs always come first, and we are always excited to hear any ideas you have, but don't worry if you aren't sure what you want to see. We have lots of experience thinking outside of the box!  We will take you through the process step by step, from deciding on the concept to the production and editing of the footage. If you want more detailed information on the steps we take then take a look here. 

Now for the next question...why should you even look at us? What experience have we got to bring to the table?      

Well, to start off we've been filming for about 5 years now (10 years between the both of us), and we've been working together as a team for 4 of those years.  Together we have tackled numerous projects spanning from promotional content for social media to working on feature length films and script-writing to tight deadlines.  We both studied professional video production at university and have access to the top range equipment available to take to any shoot. 

Our weapon of choice are Canon C100 Mark II cameras.

We specialise in creating social media content which explains exactly who you are and what you do in under two minutes. These videos are powerful and can create a large following when pinned to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps. They are purposefully short to explain everything you want to say without the customer getting bored, and to make sure the brand stays in their minds. 

If you want to know more about what we can do for you, then drop us an email at bluecaribouproductions@gmail.com for a free consultation.



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Abbie Kirwan graduated with a degree in TV and Radio Production and developed skills in the area that she is most passionate in; TV.  As an avid American TV-watcher, she dreams of one day writing her own series made for broadcast.

For now, she writes screenplays, plays video games, drinks an ungodly amount of Coca-Cola, and naps frequently.


Joanne Parker studied Professional Sound and Video Production and graduated with a BSC Honours.  Her skills include: camera knowledge, post production skills, editing and colour correction.  She hopes to write and direct her own film, but until then you will find her behind a camera, scrutinising over recent footage.

Outside of work she enjoys getting scratched by her cats, socialising, binge watching movies and playing video games... in the healthiest way.


If you have any queries or you would like to discuss an upcoming project or budget then please fill in the form below and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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